How to choose a glaze palette for your period home restoration

How to choose a glaze palette for your period home restoration

Preserving the integrity of historic spaces is incredibly rewarding. However, taking on a historic project can, at times, feel very overwhelming. Here at Heritage Tile, we have a deep understanding of historic tile trends and are happy to assist customers with their specific historic tile needs.  To make this process even easier, we’ve broken down our glaze options into “period palettes”.  

These palettes are the narrators to a color story that begins with the clean glossy white and black glazes inspired by the late 1890s through the playful desert-toned colors of the 1960s. The best part? These period palettes are conveniently located in our Subway Ceramics Design Guide. Here’s how to use the period palettes to find the best glaze for your historical project: 

Step 1

Download our Subway Ceramics Digital Design Guide or click the image to find it here on our website. This guide will walk you through our period palette options, product line, and design services we offer.

Step 2

On the first few pages you will find our glaze options categorized by historical period, making it easy to locate a palette that is authentic to your period home.

Step 3

Once you find a palette that works for your space, take the next step and order a sample! This way, you will be able to physically see the colors in your space.

And if you are still left scratching your head, we have a dedicated Project Consulting and Support team eager to answer any lingering questions. 

While a historic project can feel like a big undertaking, Heritage Tile’s expertise in historic tile is just one click away. From picking the perfect color to your project, to figuring out which accessories and trims will help it come to life, and everything in between, consider us your partner committed to the success of your project. 

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